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I made a Logan/Veronica soundtrack. It's kind of spoilery if you haven't seen 2x01. I had ridiculously hard time finding good songs and making the art, I'm pretty happy how it turned out though! The lyrics might not fit 100% but I like the ''mood'' of the songs.

Zip file with all the songs and art (YSI link)

Please right click and save as!
ETA: All songs have been reuploaded. They should be working again!

01 Garbage - Bad Boyfriend
Come on baby, be my bad boyfriend

02 Something Happens - Momentary Thing *
After all, well isn't this just a momentary thing? / It's not like I expected it / Or any heavy thing / ... / Cause we'll get along.. Yeah / We'll get along / After so long

03 Matthew Good - Song for the Girl
When she's beside you, you're nearly not so dead / Up again, down again, out of your head / When she's beside you, you're always at your best

04 Bright Eyes - A Perfect Sonnet
But I guess I'll have to settle for a few brief moments / And watch it all dissolve into a single second / ... / 'Cause that's all that you'll get / So you'll have to accept / You are here / Then you're gone

05 Stars - What I'm Trying to Say
I am trying to say / What I want to say / Without having to say / "I love you"

06 Rilo Kiley - About the Moon **
My folks are long gone / And my mind is sure to go

07 The New Pornographers - Falling Through Your Clothes **
Run run run deep breath then jump / Roll with your vertigo stomp / Now you're clear but gone down / You've been cleared of every charge, understand

08 Blur - We've Got a File on You ***
We got a file on you

09 The Cars - My Best Friend's Girl
She's my best friend's girl / She used to be mine

10 Ghost of the Robot - Mefiant ****
It's not fair you know / When you're the only one in tune / It's not fair anymore / When you're not broken hearted too / It's not fair anymore

* The kiss scene song! I just had to include it!
** The Logan Echolls songs, Pt 1 & 2
*** Veronica has a file on everyone.
**** Don't mind the spanish at the end of the song.. pretend that it isn't there. XP

Tags: soundtracks, veronica mars, veronica/logan
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